My family  has never adopted any  animal as our religion ‘Jainism’ believes that like any human being, animals too have the right to live an independent life without being tied or held back or taken control of.  They deserve to live happily with full control over their life.

Yet there is this one animal who has always revived in me the hope in existence of humanity in the future.
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A daughter is born!

It was an unusual day.
Rather extraordinary.

Shall I just say it was special,
Or a dream that came true?

Everything that I see,
Seems so beautiful.

Behind the shadow of darkness,
You came as the sun’s brightness

You brought along with you,
A surprise that is priceless!

I’ll hold you tight in my arms,
So that you’re here with me forever.

Promise that you won’t let go,
For you’re my everything that I possess.

Oh Lord! I hereby wish to you!
That you gift every mother a daughter like mine.

For she is the one I’m proud of.
She is the one I love the most.

Happy Daughter’s Day!

A Resolution made this New Year’s Eve.

Today is the New Year’s Eve and the last day to live 2013. I’m looking forward to add up new memories to the precious ones with the head start of 2014.

I have never made a new resolution that I could have kept. Although I have always wanted to take one. So, I have decided my this year’s New Year resolution would be to built in me a habit of blogging since I am quite seldom in doing so.

What is your New Year’s resolution this year? Do reply in the comments below!

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Joy Is Not In Things, It Is In Us.

Joy is not in things, it is in us.

-Richard Wagner

The Richard Wagner quote “joy is not in things, it is in us” means that joy does not exist in material possessions, but within human beings. It cautions us against finding fleeting joy in material goods rather than in humans.

No matter how much money a person makes, it always needs and wants more. This greed isolates us from everyone. We are never content with our possessions and hence look for more. If we can’t afford something we desire of, at times we engage in crimes like pick-pocketing that increases as time passes. Thus, to avoid such things to happen, we need to learn to be satisfied with what we have earned.

There is more than one way to measure wealth. We can be “rich” in ways that have nothing to do with money such as friends, family, strength, health, knowledge, skill, character, etc. We need to make these valuable assets our ‘wealth’. 

We are taxed on the money we have earned, but not on the knowledge, trust or relationships we earned. We can learn freely throughout our life and acquire a huge “bank account” of knowledge which cannot be stolen or diminished and can be taken with us to Heaven unlike material things and money.

Life has meaning through human society. Each of us does one small thing that moves society forward, which provides us immense pleasure in return. Loving our own self, allows us to love others.

Never a Lender or a Borrower Be

Never a borrower or a lender be

– William Shakespeare

The Shakespeare quote: ‘Never a borrower or a lender be” means that it’s wiser to neither lend nor borrow things, especially money. 

It is the best way to lose friends. If you lend a friend something and if it is never returned or returned damaged, it puts you in an awkward position where you can’t say anything to your friend or ask them for money to get it fixed. If you borrow something, it weighs on your mind until you return it. You’re not comfortable with the lender until you get the item back to them.

Before borrowing something, you should know that if you break it, you can afford to replace it for the owner. It needs to be in better shape than the time it was borrowed, in order to feel right.

It depends on the deepness of your friendship. Some friendships can withstand a bad loan. Some valued friendships are destroyed forever. No matter how much money you make, you always want more. Thus, we need to learn to be satisfied with what we have earned. We need to understand that if we don’t have something, it is because we don’t need it and if we can’t afford something, then we shouldn’t buy it.