Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas 2014

Christmas Eve it is.
Santa on his sleigh,
Would approach your doorstep
When you are asleep

You can’t trick him,
Smart he is.
Would surprise you
With a present you wished.
Told the mother
To the three year old
Who looked upon her
With all the trust she beheld

Now she is seven
And knows the truth well
She wrote a letter
Addressed to Santa
Like she had since seven years

But now is the time
To tell her the truth
To tell her it was all imagination
A tradition she had followed
As for any other child

Her mother approached her,
With these thoughts
But the sight of that innocent letter,
Laid beneath the Christmas tree
Prevented her to say further
And let the time tell her the truth

Now I’m 16,
And it’s been 9 years
Since I know the truth.
Even my mother knows it.
Yet I send a letter to Santa
And always get a gift in return.
In a hope to keep my innocence alive
That might disappear
In this fast paced world

December 25 it is.
Christ was born today!
For all the love to get
On this beautiful occasion
I wish you all
a Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Visitors! May Jesus lighten up your lifes and bring endless joy to your family.


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