Happy Happy Joy Joy

“खुशी के आँसू”
Yes, I have felt the tears of happiness and it was a memorable moment.

I remember it was December 13, 2014 and the results had came out for Stanford University admissions. My friend Vidushi had been accepted and hence had visited temples at Rajasthan to thank God for immense happiness and blessings. We were chatting in evening and she had discussed everything about her day including the visit, but except the acceptance which she had left just to see my reaction.  I was uninformed until Archita told me in excitement.

I remember getting so excited reading those words that tears started pouring out off my eyes. I jumped over bed while sitting and almost fell off. My mom got scared of my reaction.

The feeling was immense. I couldn’t imagine how she might have felt if I had tears in eyes even though it had been only 8 months since I had known her. She wore only the 2 Standford shirts she had since 4 years even when she had others to wear. The best part is that she is still that humble girl who I met 8 months ago. She is just improving herself and getting to be more and more amazing each day.

Getting what you love isn’t easy but possible. And she proved to be the perfect example. She revokes in me the passion to chase my dreams. I suggest you to do the same and help many others close to you to live the ‘Happy Happy Joy Joy’ moment along with you.


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