Mother, I Confess to You

Mother, I didn’t think I would say this to you,
But, after I realize my mistakes,
I admit my misbehavior with you.

Back from school, I would rush in he room,
I would bang the door and lay on bed.
I would howl at you as I were the only hardworker.
Still you would hug me with all your love,
With no expectation of return at all.

Mother, you do each day all the household chores,
I add up your pile with those untimely orders.
Still you don’t utter a word of complaint.
Mother, I confess to you.

Since five, you listen to my daily logs.
Although everything I say is unrealistic and transient,
None but you believed in my world of fantasies.
Mother, i didn’t think I would say this to you.

I have come over my fears only because of you.
Today, where I stand is only because of you.
You are the one who completes me.
Everything that is a part of me is because of you.