Are We Eco-friendly?

On the occasion of World Earth Day, a question arised in my mind. Are we eco-friendly? Today, we live in a world suffering from global warming. With the increasing technology, our energy consumption has also increased which is not at all eco-friendly. Eco-friendly is a term used to describe goods, services, processes and people that are not harmful for the environment.

We take part in public discussions on global warming, but we never ponder upon whether we are taking steps to overcome this problem. We usually forget to do small effortless things that might do a lot to help us become eco-friendly, such as closing tap while brushing our teeth, switching off the lights while leaving the room, etc. When deforestation is done for industrialization, trees are often not planted somewhere else to recover the loss.

Yet there are things that lead us to the path of being eco-friendly. We at times do carpooling when going to visit placees which helps us save petrol, thus in turn saving the environment from getting polluted. Many people have started conserving water by means of rainwater harvesting. This conserved water is used to wash cars, water plants and trees and many other household and daily work that need water.

Thus, when the question is asked that whether we are eco-friendly, it is quite hard to answer. Yet, we shall not consider ourselves eco-friendly because there is a lot to be done to be said that we are completely eco-friendly.