My family  has never adopted any  animal as our religion ‘Jainism’ believes that like any human being, animals too have the right to live an independent life without being tied or held back or taken control of.  They deserve to live happily with full control over their life.

Yet there is this one animal who has always revived in me the hope in existence of humanity in the future.


A golden-retriever who has come from the heart of mountains.
Zico is the pet of my friend Radhika. Thankfully she is my neighbour and hence I can visit her and Zico whenever I wish to.



If one meets Zico, he/she would be mesmerised in his love like I have. Zico is the most lovable dog I have ever encountered in my life. The only thing he would ask you is your love and nothing else. Zico is always set to shower on his unconditional love whenever or wherever you need it.

When the doorbell rings, he would rush near the door and hug the visitor as soon as the door opens. He would take things in his mouth that he shouldn’t and present it to make you chase him and give him a belly rub in the end. The nearer you approach him, the more he sways his tail in the air in excitement and happiness. The best part is to know that he recognises you by your name and not just your face!

Before Zico came in my life, I hadn’t imagined any animal playing a huge role in my life. If you meet Zoco evwn for a few minutes, he would leave an essence that can’t be forgotten even if tried to.


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