Daily Prompt:
Invent a definition for the word “flangiprop,” then use the word in a post.

Given me the chance to come up with the definition of the word ‘flangiprop’,  it would be:

Someone who flatters or praises others   to use them for one’s own benefits.

Flangiprop is an amazing word that would describe people who constantly flatter (or praise) others just to use them as “props” (a medium) that would lead to their success.

I have heard people say “You have made my day, today.”, “You are the most amazing person alive on this Earth”, “How can you be so nice?!” and many more of these cheesy lines. But, these lines don’t tend to send out a vibe of genuine feeling these days. What I can hear is that “Hey. I have a motive and I’m going to accomplish it by hook or crook”.  I know it sounds negative, but can’t others be a little more positive?

There needs to be a word to define such people as we might end up counting the sheeps each night but won’t ever end up finishing it as the limit would increase as each night passes.


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