Researsh vs. Diplomacy

What is that makes a delegate stand out in MUNs? Is it the research or the diplomacy? Read through this article to know my opinion!

Research is the study and systematic investigation into materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions.

(source: Oxford Dictionaries)

It helps a person to expand its knowledge and think more critically. Research helps us find solutions to our problems, thus leading us to conclusions that would make the world a better place. Research is one of the two key elements of successful delegation. It helps the delegates to know about their country and the agenda of the committee. A country’s progress towards development can be known with the help of research. With poor quality of research, a delegate can mess up its country’s stand and may end up proving its act inappropriate.

Diplomacy is the second key element of a successful delegation.

It is the profession or skill of managing international relations, typically by a country’s representatives abroad.

(source: Oxford Dictionaries)

It is an art which can make any colour appear white without the use of force or pressure.

Without the use of diplomatic eloquence, the research done is of no use as it won’t be expressed in the right manner and pressure it has to be expressed in. A delegate would turn out to be unsuccessful in defending its country against the agenda, and proving its country’s act right.  Diplomacy helps to influence the mindset of other delegates and refute their allegations even when the research isn’t strong enough.

Thus, diplomacy and research go hand in hand. Deficiency in either of these skills might lead to mediocre delegation. It is the mixture of the two, which makes a delegate stand out.


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