Toot my Horn

Daily Prompt:
Most of us are excellent at being self-deprecating, and are not so good at the opposite. Tell us your favorite thing about yourself.

Self-depriciation is a usual task. Though we must not shout out about our amazing personality, today I would go for appreciating myself. I would like to share this one thing that I love about myself.


This is exactly what makes me love myself more. It is something that makes me unique, makes people wonder about me, rethink about my personality. 

There are people who talk serious, joke around,  mess around or whatever they do is coventional to them and is much expected. But this thing about my randomness is that no one knows what’s coming up next. Though some hesitate to talk with me, there are people who get so curious to understand me better that they approach me themselves for small day to day conversations.

At times, I regard myself too smart for others to understand.  My words are a mixture of various thoughts, instances, philosophies and experience that their meaning is deep. It takes time for others to connect the dots.

This randomness is indeed a great gateway to add fun to life as me myself never knows what is going to pour out off my mouth. Yet it does not mean that I dont have control over my tongue or I’m just talking in air. It’s just that keeping things in control is no way going to help this world. It’s better to be frank, out spoken than nodding our heads to opinions we are against of. It’s better to put your opinions on table to make it the ideal one.

I have observed randomness bring joy to my family and friends’ faces which I believe is a great achievement.  Such things are not easy to accomplish.

Being traditional 24×7 has never introduced miracles in one’s life. It’s better to try be different. I would choose to stand out off the crowd than be one among them. And hence, this randomness must stay alive in me forever and ever.


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